17 Nov



One Response to “Moved”

  1. hettiebaker59472 April 8, 2016 at 5:05 am #

    you are right, there are idiot cops everywhere; and stupid people in general as well. My last comment was wrong, I just hate when I hear stupid comments made of Canadians by those from south of our border. In the summer there are thousands of american tourists here, some are very nice and polite while others are extremely rude and expect to be treated like Gods. They continually comment about Canada and say “Well In america we do this” Or “In america we…” you know. We are not americans, we are on the same continent yet vastly different. I would just like for americans to respect us and our lifestyles and ways. and stop making stupid jokes or ignorant comments.nThats all.nI do apologize for my last entry Click

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